Black Swamp Arts Festival Committee

Visual Arts - Stacy Poca / Josh Poca 

Performing Arts - Cole Christensen / Tim Concannon

Site and Logistics - Doug Cubberley / Diana Vitton / Alex Hann

Development - Lorena Perez

Budget and Finance - Leslie Oswald

Youth Arts - Matt Reger

Concessions - Kate Kamphuis / Amy Craft Ahrens

Volunteers - Wynn Perry

PR and Marketing - David Dupont / Deb Weiser

Artist Hospitality - Gloria Gajewicz

Artists At Work - Chris Gajewicz

Student Engagement - Tom Perez

Visitor Engagement - Barbara Ruland

Bill Donnelly, Festival Chair

Jamie Sands, Vice Chair

Atonn Smeltzer, Festival Secretary

Michael Richter, Treasurer

Todd Ahrens, Past Chair

Leslie Oswald, Finance

Future of the Festival Ad Hoc Committee - Jamie Sands