Kiwanis Youth Arts Village


2016 Activities

Along with annual favorites like tie-dying and hats, this year the art activities in the the Kiwanis Youth Arts Village will be exploring subject matter in visual arts. Subject matter is what the art is about. It is what you want people to see in your art. In a self-portrait the subject is yourself. If you painted a picture of what you can see out your window, that would be a landscape. There are 5 types of Subject Matter: 

  1. Figure - A work of art where the focus is on the image of a person.
  2. Portrait - Portraits are works of art where the focus is on the face of a human or animal. 
  3. Still Life - A still life is a work of art where the focus is on objects that do not move. 
  4. Landscape - A work of art that focuses mainly on an outdoor scene. 
  5. Abstract - A work of art that is based on real life, but simplified, distorted, or rearranged until it doesn't look real any more.
  6. Non Objective - Art that has no recognizable subject matter, created by using lines, shapes, textures, and colors. 


Walking Man Alberto Giacometti

Walking Man
Alberto Giacometti

Use wire, aluminum foil, pipe cleaners, and more to create a figure in the style of Alberto Giacometti


Starry Night in the Black Swamp

Starry Night Vincent Van Gogh

Starry Night
Vincent Van Gogh

Use foil, glue, markers, and cardboard to create a landscape inspired by Van Gogh's "Starry Night" set in the Great Black Swamp. 

Painted Selfies

Self-Portrait Henri Matisse

Henri Matisse

Before mobile phones, selfies were much more difficult to complete. Inspired by the selfies (self portraits) of artists like Frida Kahlo and Henri Matisse we challenge you to use a mirror and paint your selfie!

Watercolor Seascape

Incoming Tide Winslow Homer

Incoming Tide
Winslow Homer

Use brushes, bubble wrap, plastic wrap, and other things to paint watercolor seascapes in the style of Winslow Homer

Still Life:
Draw a still life

Vase with 15 Sunflowers Vincent Van Gogh

Vase with 15 Sunflowers
Vincent Van Gogh

Use everyday objects as a subject for drawing a still-life using pastels on black paper. Inspired by the paintings of Paul Cezanne and the Dutch Masters.  

Non Objective:
Taking a Line for a Walk

Composition VIII Kandinsky

Composition VIII

Inspired by Paul Klee's quote "Drawing is taking a line for a walk," we will be creating line based art using markers, pipe cleaners, and wood in the style of non objective artists like Kandinsky and Klee. 

Youth Arts Annual TRADITIONS

Tie Dye

$5/shirt - This annual favorite gives our youngest attendees a chance to make their own unique Black Swamp Arts Festival Shirt! BSAF volunteers will be on hand to help participants with the tie-dye process and to achieve the desired design and color of their finished shirts. 

Construction kids

Working with BGSU Architecture and Construction Management students and the Wood Working Guild, kids will design and build their own wooden toy or artistic masterpiece! 

This is a very popular area with limited room. Please arrive to the site early to sign up for a time.  


A BSAF tradition. Decorate your own paper sun hat with markers, stickers, flowers, and whatever is around to make the most unique hat at the Festival! 

The Family Stage

family stage.jpg

One of three live music stages at The Black Swamp Arts Festival, The Family Stage hosts shows for all ages featuring local acts, children's musicians, and family performances from some of our featured musicians. This year you will be able to catch Pokey LaForge, Barbara Bailey Hutchison, Mariachi Flor De Toloache, and many other family friendly musicians on this stage. 

See the schedule here