Life's short, buy more art.


Two art shows and interactive art experiences are for all ages. Activities are fully accessible.

Art Shows Friday 5:00 - 8:00 pm; Saturday 10 am - 6 pm; Sunday 11 am - 5 pm

Youth Arts   Saturday and Sunday 11 am - 5 pm

Chalk Walk  Chalk Artist, Student Murals, Awards

Artists at Work  Saturday 11 am - 7 pm; Sunday 11 am - 5 pm

Artists See the Artist Lineup

Showcase Details for interested artists. 

Apply to the Juried Art Show February 1 - *April 30 (Extended Deadline)

Extended Application Deadline& COVID19 Refund Guarantee

Dear Artists, 

In these unsettling times, the Black Swamp Arts Festival wants to provide as much flexibility for artists as we can. To that end:
We are extending our Application Deadline to April 30. We have added a COVID-19 Refund Guarantee for all applicants.

March 27, 2020 Application Addendum re: COVID-19 
The health and safety of all participants - visual artists, musicians, volunteers, vendors, festival goers, and our hosting community - is the top priority for the Black Swamp Arts Festival (BSAF). While the BSAF Committee fully anticipates running the Juried Art Show and full festival as planned in September, we will be monitoring the recommendations of the CDC, our county Health Department, and Federal and State government/health authorities. In the unlikely event that we are unable to host the BSAF Juried Art Show due to COVID-19 issues and cancel prior to the event, we will refund application and booth fees in their entirety.

If you have already applied to the 2020 BSAF Juried Art Show, we thank you! 
If you have not yet applied, we invite you to submit an application to exhibit your works of art at the 28th annual Black Swamp Arts Festival!
The dates to know...
Event: September 11 - 13, 2020
Application deadline extended: April 30, 2020
Invitations to participate sent: On or before May 15, 2020
Acceptance and booth fee due: May 31, 2020

Festival Schedule

Together, we’re investing in the future of art with student scholarships, youth and professional art awards, and multi-sensory art opportunities. 

Celebrate the arts with us! 
The Black Swamp Arts Festival is an all-volunteer-run celebration of the arts created to connect and promote art and the community.



Art Shows 


So much talent in one place, at one time. Be sure to bring your gift list. You can’t get this art at a box store. There are two art shows, the Juried Art Show and the Wood County Invitational. 

Juried Art Show: Friday 5:00 - 8:00 pm; Saturday 10 am - 6 pm; Sunday 11 am - 5 pm

The Juried Art Show, held on Main Street, brings amazing artists from all over the country.  
Categories: Ceramics, Fiber & Leather, Glass, Jewelry, Mixed Media, Painting, Photography & Digital Art, Printmaking & Drawing, Sculpture, and Wood.
Artists present documentation their process in creating their own art. Meet the artists and marvel at their many talents.  

Wood County Invitational Art Show: Saturday 10 am - 6 pm; Sunday 11 am - 5 pm

The Wood County Invitational Art Show is in the parking lot at the corner of Clough and Main Streets. 
Talent from Wood County, Ohio is highlighted at this quality art show. The best artists around in one place, at one time.


Juried Art Awards

Best of Show $1,500

Best 2D $1,000

Best 3D $1,000

2nd place $800

3rd place $500

Honorable Mention (3 awards) $200 each


Art Award Winners

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"When you buy something from an artist,
you are buying more than an object.
You are buying hundreds of hours
of errors and experimentation.

You are buying years of
frustration and moments of pure joy.

You are not just buying one thing,
you are buying a piece of a heart,
a piece of a soul...
a piece of someone else's life." 

- Thaddeus Howze


Thank you for supporting the arts!


Kiwanis Youth Arts Village

Saturday and Sunday 11 am - 5 pm

Develop your inner artist. 

2019 Youth Arts Lineup

Paper Sun Hat
Make your very own hat. It's a Black Swamp Arts Festival tradition. FREE
Construction Fence Weaving
Join the community in making a large weaving project from repurposed T-shirt’s using construction fencing as our loom. FREE
Spray Bottle Painting
Learn how to make your paint last longer with this abstract form of painting. Spray over a paper “mask” that can be pulled off for a beautiful relief in your painting. FREE
Layer cardboard and embellish with recyclables to create a robot from the future! What will your robot be able to do? FREE
I Heart Crayons
Let’s reuse those old, broken, dull crayons and melt them into a new one! No need to buy new ones when you can make unique colors all on your own. FREE
Paper Sun Hat Decorating
Create a one-of-a-kind adornment for your new paper hat from recycled materials. Recycling is fun AND beautiful. FREE

tie dye tee shirt

Join the poetry department from Bowling Green State University in arranging words to make your own artistic poem. FREE
Hula Hoop Weaving
Be a part of this community weaving project. Explore how to use recycled T-shirt’s in a different way. This time making a round weaving using a hula hoop as the loom. FREE
Tie dye
Donate old dried-out markers (for us to refill and reuse later) and receive $1 off your Tie Dye shirt. Shirts are $5. You choose the pattern, add the vibrant colors, and take your shirt home in a plastic bag to follow the instructions and wash later. You can wear your new shirt with pride because you made it! $5/shirt, or $4 with dried-up marker donation.


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Bring the chalk to the other end of the Festival.


BG Rotary Chalk Walk

Chalk murals created by young artists create a vibrant streetscape designed to represent each year’s theme.
Be sure to see this temporary art while it lasts!  


Rotary chalk walk logo

2019 Theme: Family


Chalk Walk Hours  

Chalk Artist: Saturday 9 am - 11 am;

Student Murals: Saturday 10 am - 12 pm     

Awards: Saturday, after the creations are made.



Sign-up to represent your school! 

1st prize: $500 for your school’s art department

2nd prize: $250 for your school’s art department

3rd prize: $100 for your school’s art department.

See Past Winners

Thank you Rotary BG for your support of youth arts and development! Together, we're supporting the arts and building community.

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Artists at Work


Saturday 11 am - 7 pm,
Sunday 11 am - 5 pm

Located in the parking lot with the Black Swamp mural across Main Street from Ben's. 

Artists at Work gives festival visitors the opportunity to observe art while its being made, ask questions of the artists as they make it, and in some cases, participate in the art's creation.

2019 Artist at Work Lineup

Fire Nation, Glassblowing and Mobile Hot Shop 
NW Ohio Wood Turners
BiG Fab Lab, Makers Space

2020 Artists at Work Lineup coming soon...


Demonstrations by:


Because you're never too old to learn your hidden talents. Share art.




Please join us in welcoming and supporting our visiting and local artists. It's not too early to identify wall space and special nooks that could use art. We've got you covered.

2019 Juried Show Artist Lineup:



Balt Design Clay Studio Gint & Regina Sabaliauskas 34
David Ellison David Ellison 76
Jan's Pottery Jan Bostwick 03
Kate Lally Kate Lally 68
LangWeil Studios Walter Weil 14
One Acre Ceramics Thomas & Sarah Gelsanliter 40
River Otter Pottery Marian Van Buren 88
Sam Hitchman Ceramics Samual Hitchamn 97
Star Bird Pottery Caroline Zama 60
Studio Takada Sumiko Takada 28
Woodland Pottery Greg Smith 46



Annadele Alpacas Juliann Fausel 84
Arachne Carol Clay and Mac Chambers 87
B.E.S.T Scarves Robert Murray 51
Caroline Clark Caroline Clark 15
Mike Grou Mike Grou 50
Hang Over Guitar Straps Brian Joyner 55
Starfish Earth Michelle Ishida 103
Barron Glass Design Heidi Barron 22
Canton Glass Works John Boyett 29
Debi Dwyer Designs Debi Dwyer 44
George Bochnig George Bochnig 98
Hot House Glass Larry Zengel 59
Matt Richards Glass Matthew Richards 09
Szparaga Studio Rebecca Szparagowski 112
tjr Art Works Janice and Rick Moore  102



Amber Art Hanna de Volska 31
Amy Beeler Amy Beeler 05
Blue Ridge Designs Eddie Lomax 66
Chelsea Hall Chelsea Hall 52
Designs by Dawn Dawn Hatzidakis 56
DK Design Drew Kleinhen 106
DNA by Daina Daina Dickens 02
Edwards Galleria  Lisa Edwards 107
Glass Garden Mark Slaven 08
Hypnotica Christine Borowski 63
Lab Partners JD Davison 18
Lily in Flux Lizz Godfroy 43
Erin Buchetta Erin Buchetta 96
Ray & Amy Bridewell Ray & Amy Bridewell 26
Robin Chard Rings Robin Chard 100
Rustic Chic Jewelry Vera Nahornyj 110
Sugar Mountain Jewelry Jessica Daman 37
Terry Pool Jewelry Terry Pool 91
Trillium Designs Rachael Newman 48
Youndjoo Yoo Youngjoo Yoo 30


Emily Wilson Artistry Emily Wilson 06
F&B Crafts Elizabeth Sutton 104
Handcrafted by JB Jeff Borda 01
Katie Hofacker Art lla Catherine Hofacker 25
Beyond Letters Mark Mohrenweiser 45
Atomic 7 Studio Nicholas Ringelstetter 35
Peggy Schuning Mosaics Peggy Schuning 38
Ray Yang Ray Yang 73
Rob Shaver Rob Shaver 20
Shibumi Silks Richard Borden 69, 70
Steven Wipfli Steven Wipfli 41
Sunshine Studios Larry Knight 93
Susan Kline Susan Kline 101
The Kitsch Lab Teresa Petersen 78
The Silk Needle Xiao Xia Zhang Minich 13
Toledo Lamp Co. Denise Shrader 54



Aaron Bivins Aaron Bivins  42
Amber Kear Amber Kear  109
Andy Van Schyndle Andy Van Schyndle  75
Elegant Studio Oriental Art Pui-Lan Cockman  85
Gourmet Art Studio Jurate Phillips  108
Lindsay Rodgers Lindsay Rodgers  27
Melvin McGee Melvin McGee  90
Michael Donner Art Michael Dlugolecki  57
Robert Bridges Robert Bridges  74



Art that Smiles John Hartung 47
Chris Carr Fine Art Photography Chris Carr 58
Coles Corner Julia Dressler 23
Derek Dammann Derek Dammann 95
J Bird is the Word J Bird Cremeans 07
John Galbo John Galbo 17
Just a Moment Steven Daniel 39
Knot Not R.C. Fulwiler 86
Studio 760 Joe Dagostino 99
Thomas Sanders Photo Art Thomas Sanders   32



Andrew Heath Design + Illustration Andrew Heath 11
Bear Track Studios Marie Rust 105
C Plummer Art Chris Plummer 38
dRock Press Derrick Riley 16
Mary Jane Erard Mary Jane Erard 21
Robin Lauersdorf Robin Lauersdorf 61, 62
Terry Butler Art Terry Butler 65



Aric Jorn Aric Jorn 24
Dallas Galbraith   Dallas Galbraith 12
Dave Thompson Dave Thompson 111
Robert McPherson Robert McPherson 92
Short Line Spikes John Formato 79, 80
Thomas Yano Thomas Yano 83



Amy Schultz Amy Schultz 67
Carl Huth Carl Huth 10 
Cedar Knoll Creations Jay Cummings 53
Ellen Smith Ellen Smith 33 
Fair TURN Mark Hilligoss 04
Neil Kemarly Neil Kemarly 77 
Nichoas Vidakovic Nichoas Vidakovic 19
Paul Miller Paul Miller 81, 82 
Sankora Studios R.C. Sanford 49
Schoolhouse Woodcrafts Deborah Bahm 64 
William Steffen  William Steffen  89
Wooden Creations Dave Grabarczyk 72 


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Wood County Invitational ART SHOW





15 Corle, Ed  
27 Meredith, Christi Studio Z Toledo



02 Gullett, Richard DARK DESIGNS
46 Buddie, Jennifer  Olivia's Kloset
21 Butler, Mame Mame Butler
41 Evans-Meyer, Penny Penny Evans-Meyer
07 Hubbard, Tara Tara Hubbard Handbags



38 Less, Bob Harbor Glass
34 Robertson. Leslie Leslie Robertson
43 Ziss, Beth Ziss Custom Glass



50 Gorkowski -Klear, Jenny Jenny Gorkowski Studio
09 Ladd, John P.H. Asylum Works
18 Lamanna, Jane Jane Lamanna Design Studio
44 Lemons, Pamela Mostly Maille
30 Maddux, Michelle Serenity In Chains ltd
33 Motten, Patti Patti Motten
13 Riley, Jaci Jaci Riley Jewelry
36 Sloan, Liz Sloans and Stones
48 Vogelpohl, Andrew Andrew Vogelpohl
39 Woods, Melissa Funky Jewelry



11 Beck, Ann Ann M Beck Art
20 Kert, Marcia Marcia Kert
49 Kiger, Jennifer A Tale of Two Folds
29 Mack, Larry Lars Glass Originals
45 Meyer, Kelsey Kelsey Meyer
32 Musser, Nadine Nadine Musser
40 Nelson, Jackie Jackie Nelson
17 Ruebel, Hans Hans Ruebel
24 Schoen, Lori Unruly Arts
16 Shufritz, Nanci Nanci's Creative Castings



10 Brand, Paul  Paul Brand
35 Furia, Elsa  Elsa L. Furia
25 Hacker, Timothy Timothy Hacker
5 Heitzman, Demi Art by Dyno Demi
14 Martinez, Joan J&Gs Art & Photography



04 Barnes, Agnes Eye-Catching Photos by Agnes
12 Collins, Tabitha Tabitha Collins
19 Gabriel, Charles Gabriel Fine Art Photography
26 Hacker, Timothy Timothy Hacker
06 Hasenfratz, Robert R Hasenfratz Photography
22 Ross, Michelle Michele Ross Photography
03 Schultz, Jack Intricate Imagery Photography



42 Cathers, Jack Sawdust Shoppe
23 DeLong, David David DeLong
08 Holt, Zach Stadium Map Art
47 Randall, Dale Dale Randall
01 Schultz, John John Schultz Custom Furniture


Thank you for supporting these great artists!

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Our goal is two-fold: to display new, exciting and quality artwork to the public and to give artists a wider following. We love artists!

The Black Swamp Arts Festival Juried Art Show is a small, focused, fine arts and fine craft show comprising 112 booths. The Festival typically receives 250-300 applications. If all past award winners return, 100 artists will be selected for this year's festival. A jury of arts professionals will be selecting artists for this year's Festival. 



Juried art show applications: February 1 - April 1.

Wood County Invitational applications: April 2 - June 1 

Application fee: $35.00.

The jury process: 3 person blind jury panel. Notifications sent in mid-May.

Booth Information

Booths are laid out in quads of four, ensuring that each artist has a corner booth.

Single Booths are $275.00

Double Booths are $550.00



 All 10x10-foot booths in the juried show are arranged in quads of four, meaning every booth is a corner booth. This arrangement allows for drive-up loading and unloading adjacent to the booth as well as exposes the artwork to the main flow of guest foot-traffic.

In order to hold to our permit, we need to reopen Main Street by 7:30 pm. This is why art sales must end on Sunday at 5:00 pm for prompt pack-away and tear-down. Thank you for understanding!


Artist Hospitality

Take a minute to yourself in the Artist Hospitality Lounge. Ask about our volunteer booth attendants who will watch your art while you reset. Also, volunteers bring refreshments to you so you can interact with guests and maximize your art sales. Please let us know if you need help with set-up and tear-down.

We are all volunteers, but we want to make your art booth experience valuable and enjoyable.