Festival Poster Wins Awards

Published: Tuesday, May 21, 2019 1:00 am

The double-sided 2018 festival poster is chosen by the staff of the national Sunshine Artist magazine as a winner. The poster, designed by Erin Holmberg, won two awards: Overall Best and Best Use of Color. 

The Black Swamp Arts Festival has a tradition of high-quality posters. The belief is that an arts festival's poster in itself should be artistic. The posters have become a highly anticipated feature of the Festival. "I've been waiting for this" was heard from many when the 2018 poster was unveiled in late July at the Firefly Nights downtown festival. The Black Swamp Arts Festival posters are framed and displayed in businesses and homes.

Meet the Designer 

Erin Holmberg works as the Creative Services Manager in the Marketing & Communications Department at Owens Community College. Erin is from Bowling Green  and loves the vibrancy of the community. 

"I have had the pleasure of designing the Black Swamp Arts Festival poster twice before (designing the 2018 poster), in 2015 and 2016. In 2015, I focused on the Downtown are and the people, places, and things that make the Festival special. In 2016, I highlighted the "swamp" aspect of BSAF, and used plants from the B.G. area to celebrate the native plants and local region that the Festival is named after.
"In 2018, I'm combining these ideas - taking our Main Street skyline, filled with the silhouettes of the iconic BSAF tents, and placing it into a swamp-inspired scene. The climbing vines, trees, and plants frame a cameo of our historic downtown area, flanked on both sides by the green lamp posts that stand tall on Main Street. By early September, locals are familiar with how our backyards are bursting with plants as the summer season comes to a close. I wanted to capture the feeling of nature and the city landscape intertwining as it does in the Black Swamp.

"The day-to-night offerings of Festival weekend is another recurring theme in the posters I have designed. This year, I created a two-sided poster -- each side with a different color scheme. Rich purples and blues for 'night', and oranges, yellows and greens for 'day'. The look and feel of our city changes as the day goes by and the turns to night -- from the laid-back atmosphere of music and food in the evening to the hustle and bustle of the many artists and activities that line Main Street on Saturday and Sunday. It is special for our community to host a 3-day festival that runs for two nights and two days, and I wanted to capture that with color.

"The Black Swamp Arts Festival poster project is a designer's dream. We are given the freedom to create a poster that is anticipated, collected and displayed by people in the community who love their community. The posters have become the first piece of art in a weekend celebrating art. Knowing that people look forward to and collect the posters inspires me to try to create something worthy of the audience.

Erin continues to volunteer for the Black Swamp Arts Festival and is an all-round wonderful person.